This guy was six foot, four inches tall and 275 pounds. This guy had high blood pressure, sleep apnea, sore knees, and a 20 inch neckline. This guy’s wedding band was embedded in his puffy finger. This guy lacked energy, and loved to eat whatever was put before him.

This guy had a big heart, and enjoyed helping others, but he was blind to the fact that he was harming his health and abilities by not being in control of his habits and attitudes.

This guy had tried diets, but they only worked temporarily, and were hard to stick to. Weight was lost, but then regained when he finished the diet, or was satisfied with results. Doctors and loved ones told him that he needed to lose weight, but complying with their requests was not worth the struggles of diet and exercise.

This guy decided to pursue his life’s purpose of being a business coach and consultant. He was motivated by helping others to be successful. Along with his business experience, he studied the processes for leadership development, strategic planning, coaching, management, and customer loyalty.

This guy found that all of these processes, which delivered improved results, required a positive behavioral change.

So he asked himself, “How could he create a positive behavioral change?”

First he need to set goals. How could he get anywhere if he didn’t know where he was going?

Secondly, he needed to change his attitude. He had to evaluate his current attitudes and determine if they were helping him, or holding him back.

Based on the principles of goal setting and attitude change, this guy lost 80 pounds.

At 195 pounds, he has more energy at age 61 than he did at 41. His self-confidence has increased, and his overall health has greatly improved.

Everybody has something standing between where they are, and where they want to be. It isn’t always excess weight, it could be personal and business relationships, communications skills, leadership skills, decision making skills, or planning skills.

This guy can help you with your goal setting and attitude assessments.

My name is Bradley Lyon, of Lyon Strategic Consulting, and I am “This Guy.”

For a free, no obligation, 30 minute consultation, please contact me at info@lyonsc.com or (424)-265-9598


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