Sixteen months ago, I decided that I needed to lose some weight. As I got older, I realized that many of my health concerns were connected to the fact that I was obese. My body mass index (BMI) was 31.8 and to get it in the normal range, I had to reduce it to less than 24.9. BMI is the ratio of weight to height2 so I calculated that I needed to either grow 10 inches taller (I am already 6’4”) or lose 57 pounds. Neither option seemed possible to me, and the growing 10 inches taller would have been more difficult.

I set a goal of losing 57 pounds with a time frame of 3 months. I figured that if I was going to challenge myself with the amount of weight I was planning on losing, I might as well get it done as quickly as possible.

Next, I needed to have a plan of action. I had tried weight loss programs in the past with temporary results, and I knew that this time I wanted to stay lighter and healthier. I put together my plan:

  1. Do a one-week smoothie cleanse.
  2. Drink smoothies with spinach, fruits, nuts, and vegetables every day.
  3. Cut out non-vegetable carbohydrates, especially after 4 pm.
  4. Drink water when hungry or thirsty.
  5. Walk 10,000 steps (5 miles) every day.
  6. Weigh myself every morning right after waking up.
  7. Chart my progress with an Excel spreadsheet DAILY which includes weight, the number of steps, BMI, miles, and amount of weight loss to date.

Most importantly, I needed to change my mindset. I needed to know what I wanted, and why I wanted it. I kept the image of accomplishing the goal in my mind at all times. As I progressed, I was more and more motivated.

So here I am today, 16 months after starting this goal. 4 pairs of walking shoes, 66.2 pounds lighter, BMI of 23.7, an average of 17,447 steps a day (8.6 miles), and 4003.93 miles since I started.

My weight loss goal was replaced with a weight maintenance goal after three months. I am planning on continually monitoring my weight and steps to keep me on track and motivate myself.

Are your current habits and attitudes helping you to achieve your goals, or are they keeping you from achieving your goals? At Lyon Strategic Consulting, LLC, we help you to define and understand your purpose and show you the tools to create improved results in both your business and personal life. Please contact us for more information. http://lyonsc.com/contact-us/

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