How often do we hear that (or even say that) every day? What does it really mean?

This statement is usually used as an excuse. Before we so easily make excuses, we should investigate the reason we feel that giving an excuse is necessary.

Do we really “not have the time” or have we failed at planning? Do we really “not have the time” or is what we are being asked to do not a priority?

We all have 24 hour days and 168 hour weeks. When we plan and prioritize, we will be able to accomplish everything. We are the only ones responsible for planning our lives. When we say that we “don’t have the time” we are simply acknowledging that we have failed to plan.

The next step is to accept that failure, and learn from it. Review your time management process. Turn this failure into a success.

At Lyon Strategic Consulting, LLC, we work with habits and time management strategies that help individuals and businesses be more successful.

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