If you were a fly on the wall of your business, would you hear any of the above statements from your employees? Are your employees telling you these things?

One time or another, I have heard all of these. Are these an indication that you have bad employees? Or, are these an indication that your management style is not effective? It is very easy to blame the employees, and then after you let them go, you realize that the next set of employees have the same attitudes.

Let’s look at each of these statements and try to get to the “why.”

“What’s the hurry, we get paid by the hour”

The employee’s focus is on the paycheck rather than accomplishing the work. Is the manager’s passion for the job contagious?

“That’s the way we’ve always done it”

People resist change. New processes and procedures mean that new habits need to be created, and old habits need to be discarded.

“Maybe the customer won’t notice”

Instead of taking the time to correct a problem, the choice is made to “sweep it under the carpet.” Over time, employees’ perception of the value of the products or services provided can diminish.

“That’s not my job”

Are there clear and updated job descriptions for every position in the company? Is fulfilling the mission statement and vision of the company included in each employee’s job description?

“The boss can afford it, he (or she) is rich”

How are you perceived by the employees? Do they think that you are overcompensated for your position? Are they envious of your success?

“We’ll just call it a glitch in the system”

This is an excuse. Another “sweep it under the rug” instead of addressing the real problem and taking steps to correct it.

“I’m too busy” and “I wish business would slow down”

“Too busy” is a time management concern. Many people believe that being “too busy” is a sign of success, but instead, it shows that priorities are not established, and time use is not properly managed.

“Everybody else does it”

Do you have an employee handbook? Is the employee handbook up to date? Do all employees have the most recent version of the handbook? Have the employees signed and dated a receipt for the handbook? This is the basis for what is expected of the employees.

“Customers are a pain in the butt”

I saved this for last because this is one of them that I hear the most, even from owners and managers. There is a very destructive attitude of “us against them” when employees are in contact with customers, especially customers with concerns about the products or services. Employees can become more defensive than empathetic in their reactions. This often escalated a problem rather than solving it.

What can we do about it?

There is no “quick fix” for any of the above-listed concerns. These all require a process which addresses the core issues and creates new habits and attitudes to replace the unproductive habits and attitudes.

At Lyon Strategic Consulting, LLC, we partner with businesses to develop the discipline to improve the communication, leadership, and goal achieving necessary to succeed. Contact us at (424) 265-9598 or info@lyonsc.com for more information.

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