About 10 months ago, when I decided I needed to do something about my weight, I realized that I needed to track my progress as I accomplished the many daily goals that would lead to my overall goal of lowering my Body Mass Index (BMI) from 31.8 (obese) to 24.8 (normal).

My goal was written down, and it met all the criteria of the SMART goal process. The “M” in the process stands for measurable. The fact that my BMI which is the ratio of my weight divided by my height2 and there wasn’t anything I could do to increase my height, I knew that I needed to reduce my weight.

The three main factors which needed to have changes made in order for me to accomplish my goal were diet, exercise, and attitude. Diet and exercise were much easier to change than attitude.

Diet is measurable in number of calories consumed, along with the amount of sugars and fats. Setting daily goals for consumption required me to be aware of what and how much I was eating.

Exercise is measurable in number of calories burned, amount of time actively exercising, and if walking or running, the distance covered in either steps or miles.

Attitude determines how much I want to change, and how I feel about the changes I have been making. Without the desire of a positive behavioral change, I would not be able to sustain the reduction in food and the increase in physical activity.

The fitness tracker measures the amount of physical activity, and records the number of calories consumed and burned. With the constant feedback from the tracker, the attitude about the process changed. When the daily goals were not met, it was necessary to make the adjustments in the plans. When the daily goals were met or exceeded, the positive attitude regarding the process was increased.

Improved results in business are accomplished in the same way as improved results in personal life. Measure, evaluate, adjust, and change attitude.

If you are not measuring your current results and processes, how can you know what improved results and processes can be?

At Lyon Strategic Consulting, LLC, we provide the tools to help you measure, evaluate, and adjust, with the goal of improved results. For more information, or to schedule a free consultation, please contact Lyon Strategic Consulting, LLC at info@lyonsc.com, (424) 265-9598 or http://lyonsc.com/contact-us/

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