Most businesses are made up of several departments. Each department has their own set of goals and expectations, and generally there is a leader for each department.

In order for a business to process an order, each of these departments fulfills a component either directly or indirectly.

When one department fails, another department usually has to make the corrections so that the product is not inferior. Repeated failures by one department would necessitate the other departments alter their processes.

Many of the failures that occur in a department are a result of poor planning and insufficient communications.

This is why it is so important that each department has both departmental goals which it is solely responsible for, and company goals which it pursues with the other departments.

It is also important that there is open communication between the departments. When changes are necessary in one department, the impact on the other departments must be evaluated.

To avoid finger-pointing and excuses, make sure your departments plan, set goals, and communicate.

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