On my early morning walks, I frequently come across sidewalks that are the main target of the lawn sprinklers. When the weather is warm, I don’t mind walking through them, however, I do not think that cooling off walkers is the intention.

These sprinklers are most likely on a timer (I see the same ones every morning), so the owner doesn’t have to think about the need to get up before the sunrise to turn on the water.

This is very similar to the habits that we all have. The purpose of a habit is so that we don’t have to think about performing a task, or initiating an activity, we just do it. Many of the habits that we have are good when we develop them, but they are not always relevant as circumstances change. Good habits can become bad habits.

Are your sprinklers watering the sidewalk? Have you evaluated your habits? Do you have a habit of evaluating your habits on a regular basis?

Being automated is a wonderful time-saving practice if the processes that we automate are producing positive results.

Take time to evaluate your daily habits. List them and determine if they are still beneficial. This is also a good opportunity to see which of your habits are detrimental to your life purpose.

Changing and replacing habits requires discipline and persistence. The rewards of developing positive habits are worth the struggle.

At Lyon Strategic Consulting, LLC, we help you to find and communicate your purpose and vision and align your habits and attitudes so that you can successfully be what you want to be. For more information, or to schedule a free consultation, please contact Lyon Strategic Consulting, LLC at info@lyonsc.com, (424) 265-9598 or http://lyonsc.com/contact-us/

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