Studies show that almost 67% of all employed Americans are not happy at work. These people are just going through the motions, knowing they financially need their jobs, but not gaining any other benefit than the paycheck.

Do you have employees who fit this description? What are this signs of this work attitude?

  1. Frequent tardiness and/or absences.
  2. Long lunch breaks.
  3. Meeting job requirements, but never exceeding.
  4. Not interested in positive changes for the business.
  5. Paying more attention to the clock than to the quality of work.

These employees may have the knowledge and the skills to perform their jobs, but their attitudes are keeping them from succeeding.

We have all had interactions with employees who do not have passion for their jobs. The rude waitress, the retail clerk that you bother when you want to make a purchase, or the person from the cable company when your cable goes out.

What can be done about this? As a leader, it is important to try to understand what the motivations and desires are for the employees. Listening and understanding, and then communicating the job expectations. Motivation from the leader may be necessary, however helping the employee to be self-motivated will yield longer lasting results.

Just as bad attitudes and morale is contagious amongst the group of employees, so are positive attitudes and morale.

If we spend 40+ hours of our 168 hour week at our jobs, we should enjoy what we do.

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